Why Choose Our Bird’s Nest?

" We do only Produce good products to the market. Our Bird's Nest is Clean, Good Shape and No Chemical . 100% pure hand picked and 101% NO CHEMICAL. "

One problem is, all people are saying the same thing about the Quality of their Bird’s Nests. All are saying that bird’s nest is 98% clean, in good shape, and 101% no chemical.. My suggestion is, Lab it and you will know the lab report of our bird’s nests.

Why Choose Our Bird's Nest?
Why Choose Our Bird’s Nest?

Here is some of Our answers for the above “Why Choose Our Bird’s Nest?”

• We do have more than 15 years experience in Bird’s Nest market, started 1998.
• We do have Double Solid “Preparation Division Teams”, to ensure our Workers have the same type of Nests everyday, The reason is to maintain and improving Workers’ skills as they are having the same type of nest every days.
• Only Good Quality and Middle Quality raw nests materials that to we process. Lower grade raw material nests, we do produce it as type Broken Nests, To Ensure a stable Production Quality of our Bird’s Nests.
• Our raw material Bird’s Nest do get heated about 3 seconds into temperature not less than 70 degree Celcius.
• This process is to low down the nitrates level to not more than 5 ppm and also kill most of the germs inside the bird’s nest. (China Government’s Requirement is 30 ppm for nitrate)
• Before Our Bird’s Nest can be send out to our Partners, all bird’s nest have to passed Our “Double Quality Control Departments.” Not Pass QC nest will not be send out. It is will be reprocess again and we grade it as broken nest.
• We are using clean drinking water for cleaning our Bird’s Nest.
• We do build our own Water Systems with lots of water filters, and lots of UV lights.
• We can assure our factory water is clean and no germs inside the water
• Our commitments is that our Bird’s Nest is must 98% clean from impurities ( Can be cooked directly )
• We do grade our Nests properly such as for sizes and colors.
• We do maintain to have a very stable and increasing productions and Quality of our Bird’s Nest too.
• We do have not less than 700 workers with capacity up to 2.000 kg/ month.
• Famous Big Brand Bird’s Nest Companies do Accept the Quality of Our Bird’s Nests.

* The most important point is that :


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