Discover the great benefits of bird nest and know how to buy quality swallow birds nest

Swallow birds nest is one of the food - medicinal esteem useful for patients. At the same time, nutrients in nutrient-rich Salanganes'Nest support the treatment of body weakness, mental instability, coughing, tuberculosis, ... Currently on the market there are many different types of Salanganes'Nest. Considered in the form of products, specific to the color of the nest, salanganes' nests can be divided into three basic types are white nest, pink nest and blood nest. The price of blood nest is quite high so many people wonder how much this nutritious food that price so fierce.

1. Nutrition in the blood nest

In the nest of blood contains more than 50% protein, 18 kinds of amino acids, and many of which can not be synthesized and replaced. There are also over 31 micronutrients which are great for human health. As the composition and rate of nutrition in this type of bird nest is always higher than other types.

Aspartic acid contains aspartic acid to strengthen the body’s immune system, to avoid disease caused by environmental change.

Discover the great benefits of bird nest and know how to buy quality swallow birds nest 1

Enhances the absorption of nutrients, stimulates the digestive system to work well. Reduce anorexia in children with active threonine.

Supports the treatment and prevention of valine in the blood nest, which helps reduce blood sugar. Support to treat cardiovascular disease, stabilize blood pressure, prevent arteriosclerosis in middle-aged and elderly.

Aspartic acid, serine, glutamic acid helps to improve the nervous system, helping the brain to work effectively. Strengthen memory, logical thinking, relieve stress, relieve mental pressure, help the mood of cheer and comfort. Suitable for office workers or knowledge workers.

Salicylate contains alanine, proline, serine, good for bone joint activity, supports the development of height in children, calcium supplement needed for women and the elderly.

For patients with cancer, blood nest are effective supportive treatment for cancer patients, increase the resistance, supplement nutrition deficiency. This helps cancer patients better with illness every day.

Blood-soaked nibs help to keep the skin young and smooth, because the blood nest contains high levels of collagen. For this cause, although the price of bird’s nest is high, women are still willing to buy for daily use.

Blood nest is cool so it is good for the digestive system, the heat bar detoxification effect, increase red blood cells, increase the life expectancy for humans.

So we also know about the use of blood nests for human health. From that can also see the reason why the price of bird’s nest is higher than other types of blood

2. Tips to buy quality bird’s nest

Discover the great benefits of bird nest and know how to buy quality swallow birds nest 2

The best advice is to buy the Bird’s Nest product is to choose the most trusted brand today. To find the most reliable brands today click here.

Find out the product information, especially the product must ensure the origin of clear. So high reliability.

Learn about the price of swallow bird nest. If the price of bird’s nest too high, how to see the product? Too low, carefully poor quality counterfeit.

A general rule when choosing nest quality: Need to choose the original nest, no fresh, clean hair, less impurities, look nest has a significant interwoven yarn.

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